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Savvy Images is a premiere Professional Family Photographer that captures the moments that make your life worth living… vivid, fun and unique to you!! You can always expect a little bit more when working with Savvy Images, and Chasity wouldn’t have it any other way! She will provide you with a wealth of great information about how to successfully prepare and plan for your family photo session, as well as what to expect during and after your photos have been taken. From really important details on timing, to direction on what you should wear… you will find that knowing those bits of information is half the battle, and they set you up with a great photo session foundation! Each little piece helps make your life and photo experience a little easier, and Chasity likes to make sure you’re well taken care of! As you are finalizing all the last minute decisions for your photos on your end, know that she will also be wrapping up some final details especially for YOUR session.
Savvy Images Family Photo

Are you curious why finding a great family photographer is so important?

Even if Chasity weren’t a family photographer (as everyone insisted that she would be from a very young age), family photos would mean a big HUGE deal to her. Your family plays a major part in why you are the person you am today. They know all the good, as well as the bad, and love you anyway! ;-) If you’re like most people, you cherish your past history, your relationships, and definitely your future moments spent together with them! You and your family have a great connection, and it’s really important for you to also have a good connection with your photographer. Trusting them to capture your moments using the best technique possible, and while bringing out the best of everyone is a big part of what makes a photo session extremely successful. I know that the life and times of most families these days consists of major chaos, but why not embrace the chaos, and trust your family photographer to capture those moments to cherish. After all, we all know that THOSE moments are what helps shape you as a person, as well as your family!

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