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A Homemade Cake Smash

Not long ago, we hit the BIG one year milestone and (of course) we celebrated by doing a super cute CAKE SMASH session! These sessions are rarely what Mom’s expect them to be. You never really know how your Little is going to react to the yummy, yet messiness of cake! Most babes are quiet shy tearing into their cakes and usually need a little help doing so from mom or dad. Every once in a while I come across one who tears into it with no shame! Scotty was somewhere in-between. At first she was way more interested in picking off and playing with the blue berries. With Dad’s guidance, she took a few bites, but decided she’d rather play the drums on her cake for a while. Haha. She shared a bit of her mess with her fur-sister, Reis (we allowed her to for a hot second). She checked out the flower cake topper, took a few more bites, then was over it. Knowing these sessions rarely happen as you’d like them to, I had zero expectations, and was very pleased by the curiosity and cuteness we captured.

I didn’t want her to have boatloads of sugar and get a tummy ache, so I decided to experiment with a little baking! When I say ‘experiment’, I am way serious. I don’t bake. Ever. My husband actually tried to talk me out of it. BUT (insert very proud Momma vibes here), I did, and we were ALL pleasantly surprised by the outcome! After scouring the internet, getting input from friends who had done the same, and consulting with my mother-in-law (who bakes often), I decided to try Fit Momma Real Food‘s No Sugar Banana Cake. You can find her recipe >>here<<. I really wanted a coral cake, so I used beet and orange peel juice to dye the cream cheese icing and whalaaa!! We had ourselves a sugar free, corn free, coral cake smash cake! Dad and I loved it so much, that we had no problem finishing up what she didn't finish! We even used the same cake for her actual first birthday party. I debated making cup cakes for her party guests, but quickly realized how many other party related items I still had to conquer by the weekend. Maybe next year!? If you're looking for a yummy, yet healthy alternative for your Babe's cake smash session, I highly recommend checking Fit Momma's recipe out. If I can make a success story out of my experiment, I'm confident anyone can! ;-) Savvy Images Cake Smash Savvy Images Cake Smash One Year Baby Photos - Houston Photographer Savvy Images Cake Smash One Year Baby Photos - Houston Photographer Savvy Images Cake Smash One Year Baby Photos - Houston Photographer

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