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FurBaby Family

Anyone that has followed my work for any amount of time, knows that if you have a furbaby, they are absolutely

Best Newborn Photos in Houston

Introducing Drew Everett

I’m very excited to introduce handsome little Drew to all of you! Even though his newborn photo session was

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Sunshine & Smiles

This family photography session was filled with an abundance of two things… Early morning sunshine and smiles!

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A Beautiful Savvy Senior

It is only appropriate that my second blog post back be about the other beautiful little lady in my life! I don’t

Best Newborn Photos in Houston

Introducing Scotty Grace

I couldn’t imagine a better way to announce my official return from {my very extended} maternity leave, than by

Savvy Images Spring Maternity Photo

A New Summer Addition

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing these adorable, yet very serious twins since they were in their

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Another Surprise in Alaska

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to participate in and photograph another surprise in Alaska. This time, it

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Alaska to Texas Sendoff Session

This family photo session was supposed to be the last I did in Alaska before moving back to Texas. Given each of the