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Motherhood is the most challenging things I have ever done. I was forced to discover this minor detail way faster than expected when my first born made her way into this world ten weeks early. Exactly five days before our movers were scheduled to move us from Alaska to Texas. Our adventurous little Lady just had to be an Alaskan! Since the moment my water unexpectedly broke after an uneventful date night, I have been winging motherhood as best I can. Just like sooooo many awesome mommas out there. We do the best we can with the knowledge and resources we have at any given moment.

But what I have also learned, is if you pay attention, the universe gives you exactly what you can handle. In just the right time. 

Savvy Images Motherhood 1

Knowing what I do now, I feel I experienced her birth the way I did to open my eyes. And more importantly, to teach me how to raise healthy children. I’ve been mostly successful so far, so I can say my traumatic experience wasn’t completely worthless.

Just like some shitty experiences happen for good reason, I’m confident that many of the people you come across in life serve a purpose. This beautiful mom and I bonded over an incredibly cute pair of Hannah Andersson slide on sandals during our daughter’s swim classes. Little did we know then, we would grow to share a valuable friendship. And ultimately, due to each of our current circumstances, our friendship would help both of us be better mothers!

After a few turbulent life experiences, I thought these beautiful ladies needed something a little “extra.” They were going to be the perfect models for a styled photo session I’ve had in mind.

Just like this momma, my current focus in life is to be the best mother possible. So, Savvy Images is taking a bit of a “professional pause.” Thru monthly styled photography sessions like this one, I will collaborate with awesome folks around me to create beautiful artwork.  Simultaneously, exploring new creative possibilities. Because I love a good challenge and (clearly) bit of chaos, I am attempting to CREATE some of the outfits my “models” wear during their sessions.

During different types of self development exploration, I thought myself how to sew!! Largely thanks to the help of YouTube and a few valuable Facebook sewing groups. You can see I have lots of time on my hands after putting our girls down in the evenings, while dad travels for work and school. Mom’s top is self drafted using many lucky guestimations, and I used a modified Stripped Swallow Designs pattern for her little Lady’s dress. 

Savvy Images Motherhood 1

When planning this styled photo session, my vision was Mommy & Me Glam. Everything came together just as I had envisioned,  including mom’s hair and makeup. Keep an eye out for another blog post in the future, about working with the lovely Beauty by Sofia Bee! She’s an incredibly talented momma herself, who uses Non Toxic Beauty products on all her clients.

In the meantime, put all your awesome momma vibes out there, to connect and bless the other hard working mommas around you! We all have our unique challenges and life is a whole lot better when we conquer motherhood together!

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