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Milk Bath Bonus

Never in my life would I have thought I would do a Milk Bath Photo Session. But when your talented photographer comes to you with a cool idea, you certainly don’t protest! I also never thought I would show photos like this of myself publicly, but holy shit…

Parenting 101, I have learned never to say never. ;-)

And more important, Pregnancy is hard.

Having a high risk pregnancy, given my limited upright time, laying down in the tub for this session wasn’t a problem at all.  These photos are like a badge of honor. My cleavage may be more than overwhelming, but I’m damn proud that my body worked so hard to successfully create a perfect little human.

Here they are… Baby Brett’s bump, in all her glory!

Milk bath maternity sessions may be a fad, anddd it was a bit strange to lay in a tub of milk, but I’m certainly glad we did it. It’s fun to push creative boundaries!

Huge prego boobs and all, that’s a beautiful thing!

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