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A New Summer Addition

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing these adorable, yet very serious twins since they were in their Momma’s belly shortly after moving to Alaska. So it’s pretty bittersweet that I had the chance to squeeze their sister’s maternity photo session right before leaving Alaska. Unfortunately their dad couldn’t be there for this session, but he definitely played a part in picking the final images for their Photo Collection from afar. How exciting that they are expecting a new summer addition to their cute family! She’ll be coming any day now, and I know that she will be just precious! I’m extremely sad to leave such amazing clients, like this beautiful momma. BUT so grateful that I was able to capture so many beautiful moments for them. The biggest compliment for a photographer is for someone to book them to capture other special times in their life. Multiply that compliment times TEN when that someone REbooks you many times after that. You may remember seeing this cute family in this past Winter’s Mini Session Blog. It’s pretty special that I’ve had the opportunity to build such great relationships, especially when loyalty is SO hard to come by these days. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to walk away from that, but I look forward to seeing their families grow and blossom from afar. The world is a pretty small place, so there’s a huge possibility that our path’s could eventually cross again one day!? And the exciting news, is that now I have the chance to continue and build even more great relationships with fun folks down in Texas! If you’re interested in receiving information about Savvy Images photography once we get resettled down south, please scroll down and shoot me a quick message! I plan on offering a pretty amazing photo session special once that happens, so you DON’T want to miss that memo. ;-P Twin Maternity Session

Twin Maternity Session

Twin Maternity Session

Twin Maternity Session

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