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Introducing Scotty Grace

I couldn’t imagine a better way to announce my official return from {my very extended} maternity leave, than by showing off the very reason… my reason, my feisty little surprise, my perfect little Savvy Newbie model. Scotty Grace Noel. She was determined to be an Alaskan and made her grand entrance into this chaotic world shortly after our stunning Maternity Photo Session with Dolce Vita Photo Boutique. As you can clearly see in the photos below, she has quite a large little personality. Our world has changed in so many ways and this little Mini is proving to keep us on our toes! Taking my own newborn photos was a bit challenging for so many reasons, but looking back on the photos now, is absolutely priceless. It was the very beginning of all her silly little smiles and pout pout faces that I would get to know so well. Seeing her grow into those expressions has made my heart grow more than I ever imagined possible.

Best Newborn Photos in Houston Best Newborn Photos in Houston Best Newborn Photos in Houston Best Newborn Photos in HoustonScotty’s fur sister Reis kept trying to make her way into the newborn photo session, while still keeping a bit of distance. She wasn’t completely sure about her new little human just yet, but if she was going to participate, we had to make it darn cute! My one newborn photo goal was a HUGE success and I’m SO glad that I was able to capture several cute photos of my two little Loves being adorable together!  Best Newborn Photos in HoustonThe ‘froggy’ pose above was dad’s only newborn photo request. I’m pretty sure he only wanted to see if I could actually do it. Pffft. Of course. As I mention in my blog post ‘Timing for Perfect Newborn Photos’, photographing older newborns can be difficult. Lucky for him, my persistence and determination paid off. ;-) Best Newborn Photos in Houston Best Newborn Photos in Houston Best Newborn Photos in HoustonI mean seriously, look at that sass!! Because being a new mom is exhausting, and we had a gazillion things going on at that time, every morning we’d wake up eventually and do a pose or two, then call it a day. You can tell toward the end that she has just about had enough, and she was also becoming more aware of my shenanigans!   Best Newborn Photos in HoustonWe were very fortunate to have our good friend, Rob Siciliano of Far North Photos, take the family photos of us below. It was a rough afternoon for Scotty, but thanks to him, we were able to make the most of it.  Best Newborn Photos in HoustonNow that I’m officially back to work, PLEASE spread the word to ALL your friend in the Houston area. I really, really, REALLY want to be very successful here, and all of you could definitely help me make that happen! You can subscribe to the Savvy Images blog on the top right side of this page to keep up with the latest and greatest or you can also use the buttons below to share this post to social media or forward it to a friend. And of course, I absolutely LOVE getting comments and feedback from you guys on the photo blogs I post. I’m going to do my very best to keep the blog busy with beautiful photos. So, when the time comes for YOU to get new portraits taken, please contact me right away!

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