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Timing for Perfect Newborn Photos

Anchorage Newborn Photos - Tips and Timing - Savvy ImagesBack in March I posted a blog on “Tips and Timing for Perfect Maternity Photos“, and this blog about newborn photos is WELL over due! If you are expecting, and would like to have newborn photos taken, PLEASE take a moment to read this blog post. And even more so, please keep in mind that the timing of your photo session is extremely important. It breaks my heart when mothers contact me well after their little one’s birth, specifically wanting cute/bendy/posed newborn photos. I can take beautiful lifestyle photos of you and your baby regardless of the timing, but in order to take THOSE types of “posed” photos, they should be taken WITHIN two weeks of birth. This is not a hard and fast rule, as each birth and baby is very unique, but knowing this information give you the power to plan accordingly as you wish. It can certainly be done later, but it just may potentially be a little more challenging for us. I certainly have the patience to do everything I can in my power to make it happen! Many of my little Savvy Newbies sessions have taken place well after two weeks, and I’ve never been disappointed with a single one of them. Some of them were born really early, so we waited until they were good and healthy for their “modeling debut”. The other newbies parents just didn’t realize the timing of newborn photos was so crucial. Luckily their mom’s wanted photos regardless, so we proceeded accordingly, and captured some MAJOR cuteness. What normal person WOULD just happen know that random information!? They TYPE of newborn photos you wish to capture will largely determine the best timing, and THAT is the purpose of this handy blog post. ;-) I want to make sure you can make an informed decision that sets us up to capture stunning images! Anchorage Newborn Photos - Tips and Timing - Savvy ImagesWhen brand new babies are just getting to know the world around them, it’s amazing what changes a SINGLE day can bring. Each day baby grows, becomes more alert, and learns they can stretchhhh those little arms and legs out on their own free will. Once that happens, keeping them cozy in those little “bendy” poses can be a tad bit challenging. I personally prefer to photograph newborn girls around 5 to 7 days old, and the timing of the little boys may vary by a few days later. Their timing greatly depends on if/when they are circumcised. A minor detail that we definitely want to take that into consideration! Taking their photos then really allows us to capture all their brand NEW little details. It also gives their complexion a little time to even out, and allows for Little Bit to get used to mom’s milk. A happy settled tummy does help set us up for success also!

Speaking of success, I provide you with LOTS of great information on what you can do to help make sure your session goes well. In addition to more information on timing, there will also be info on what to wear, what to bring, how to prepare, and even great tips on nursing. That seems to be helpful for all my first time mommas! Once you pay your Newborn Session retainer fee, your due date is officially penciled in on our calendar. Then when your baby finally arrives, you (OR preferably dad) can contact me to get your actual session day/time scheduled. As an official “Savvy Newbie”, you get priority on our schedule. Contact us as soon as possible, and we’ll get that worked out perfectly! We realize the world as you know it may be filled with crazy chaos at this time with all the new changes taking place, but we will do everything we can to make your session as quick and painless as possible. ;-) AND of course we’ll make sure that you have lots of gorgeous newborn photos to cherish for years to come! Anchorage Newborn Photos - Tips and Timing - Savvy Images

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