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Two years & changes…

Over two years…you guys, it has seriously been THAT long since I’ve blogged. I would be lying if I said it seemed like yesterday. After all the major changes that have taken place since then, it seems more like six years.

A little over two years ago, while living in Houston, we found out we were expecting our second baby girl. Jennifer Weems, a fellow photography friend back in Austin, brought my adventurous announcement vision to life for us. And though it came close to happening, no one fell in! It was a fun follow-up to our first “Baby on Board” announcement, documented by our dear friend, Robert Siciliano of Far North Photos, while living in Alaska (you can see those photos here).

But oh my, it has truly been one heck of an adventure! Due to difficulties during my first birth, my second pregnancy was high risk. My “upright” time was very limited. I spent the little time I had, caring for our one and a half year old in the mornings and evenings. Dad took her to and from school. During most days I laid at home. Transitioning back and forth, from the couch to the bed. Normally being a really active person, it was an incredibly difficult time for me.

Fairly early on in my pregnancy, my good friend and fellow photographer, Shary Peck of Sweet Pecks Photography, took my maternity photos. Because our first maternity session was in the mountains, I just HAD to have this session take place at the beach. Being the amazing person Shary is, she not only took my maternity photos, she also drove my reclined baby bump to Galveston, to make that happen for me! Seriously. Incredible.

I didn’t want to over complicate things, so I reluctantly decided to do photos without Dad and big sister-to-be. If you’ve ever participated in a photo session with a toddler, I’m confident you understand why. But knowing how important photos are to me, my husband and Scotty surprised me, showing up halfway thru the session. Right up there with finding out we expecting a healthy baby and my Baby Sprinkle, the following weekend, this afternoon was one of the top highlights of my pregnancy.

Fast forward 37 longggg weeks and we had ourselves an absolutely beautiful baby girl, named Brett. I’m not sure how we got so lucky, but this child was easy. I mean, unicorn baby, easy! She was perfect. After having a pretty difficult pregnancy and recovery, I really needed that in my life. Scotty was an awesome big sister. She LOVED her new sister, so hard. Haha. Luckily we never had any major new sibling jealousy. Though, we are still working on being “gentle.”

savvy images newborn photo

Our perfect, uncomplicated little way of life, didn’t last long. About six months after she was born, we decided to move to Northern California. My husband would be attending Wharton’s Executive MBA program in San Francisco every other weekend for two years AND simultaneously working and traveling full time for work. Yes. All the chaos. Please send me all the prayers, positivity and PATIENCE! We took the imperfectly/perfect photo below on our house hunting trip, with the trusty remote timer, to announce our move. You can see the girls were thrilled about it. Haha.

After packing up our lives in Houston and moving to Mountain View for a month, we finally found a new place to call home for a while, in Burlingame. While Dad is doing his work/school thing, you can find me and my girls adventuring all around the Bay Area. If the weather is nice and we have the chance, we usually head straight to the coast. Heaven on earth! It only takes us twenty five minutes to get to Half Moon Bay, where the photo below was taken. Again with the good ole’ remote timer. We can’t miss out on beautiful moments like this, because dad isn’t around to take photos. ;-) We may not be in California long, so we want to see and experience as much as possible while we are here!

While I haven’t formally reestablished Savvy Images here in the Bay Area yet, I have been working on a few great personal projects to keep me on my toes. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to see future posts to find out more about those. There are some seriously PRECIOUS images I’m dying to share with all of you soon!


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