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This spunky young girl is completely unapologetic. I’m interrupting my usual blog jam, sharing cute babies and families, to share something a bit different today. And just like Renee here, I’m apologetic for doing so. Her senior photo session pushed both of us a bit out of our comfort zones and I loved every single second of it.

During her Pre Session Consultation she and her mom had completely different visions for her senior photo session. We sat at a picnic table together outside Radio Coffee in Austin one day, going over allll the things. Renee wanted a super casual urban hipster vibe. Her mom wanted a classic, natural setting. And I had a really good idea of how to bring both their visions to life after our meeting. The consultation also gave me the opportunity to get to know Renee a little bit better before actually photographing her. She is a little bit shy, but not one bit afraid to speak up for what she really wants. But with that being said, she was kind and flexible enough to accommodate her mom’s wishes also. I’m confident all the mommas out there understand just how that works! ;-)

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Regardless of what type of photography session I’m doing, my goal is always to document a wide variety of photos for my clients. To capture all the unique details of THEIR story. I would prefer my clients have a dozen+ photos they absolutely LOVE, to showcase proudly all throughout their homes. Rather than eighty+ mediocre images that may sit on a hard drive somewhere.

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In their case, I wanted to make sure their were a good variety of photos that they BOTH loved equally. A week or two after their photo session, we met again for their photo reveal. At this point, I apply basic edits to all of the photos in their gallery. We sat down together to review, select and prioritize all their favorite images. This process can seem a bit overwhelming, but that’s why I find it’s SO much better to do this in person. Based on details that you prefer, I can help guide you to select the best portrait Collection to showcase your photo session. It’s funny, with the exception of just a few, Renee and her mom actually agreed on almost all the same images!
unapologetic casual senior photos - savvy images

After their photo reveal, I took the images they chose for their Photo Collection and apply more extensive edits. I love the variety that the two of them agreed on together! In my humble opinion, vivid, color photos are normally life. But for a few of theirs, I just couldn’t resist adding a few with a crisp, clean, black and white edits. It’s something about her mesmerizing eyes! Or maybe that sassy smile we had to work for. ;-)

Either way, she is rocking both unapologetically.

Professionally trained newborn photographer, Chasity Noel specializes in documenting all your maternity, newborn and milestone moments. If you are looking for a newborn photographer in or near Austin, she would love to document your growing family! When you book your portrait session with Savvy Images, we will also set up a PreSession Consultation to brainstorm and design what fits your unique need/story. Whatever your vision is, Chasity will help set your photos up for success! From first hello to final artwork, we are confident you won’t be disappointed.

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