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I am now the proud owner of an active little one year old!! Haha. It still sounds so weird to say! Things have been a bit quiet over here on the Savvy Images blog, so I wanted to share a quick personal post. From a feisty newborn, to a gassy baby, to a spunky toddler, this is my inquisitive little lady, Scotty! Of course I had to take the obligatory monthly sticker photos. ;-) We got lucky with the making of this little human… as long as she’s not tired or hungry, she is one happy girl. Though there were usually plenty of cute smiles, I did my best to capture all of her many little expressions each month. Seriously, take a look at what a good majority of month two looked like! Ahhhhh. Soooo cute, but I’m soooo glad that’s behind us! What an incredible year it has been! Each month I also tried to used different headbands, onesies, blankets and toys that were gifted to her from family and friends for an added personal touch. As you can see, when she started teething around 5 months, she spent a good amount of time with her little natural rubber teether, so I decided it was only appropriate to include it in our photo. The same with her fur sister Reis, who insisted on half-heartedly participating in her monthly photo sessions. We had to include her also!

Can we talk about how difficult it was to actually TAKE these photos each month?! There were many times when I had to FORCE myself to make it happen. Many of them are not up to my ‘professional’ standards, but regardless, I’m so glad to have them. She finally figured out the whole sticker deal. (as if…Mom!) Good thing there aren’t any more, because even with Dad’s help, it was difficult enough keeping the last one on her for a hot minute. I had all these photos displayed together at her birthday party a few weeks ago and it made me SO very happy. Not only did we all survive the first year, but my little nugget has truly flourished. A HUGE accomplishment in my book. Being a new mom, there are SO many overwhelming things going on in life. Mainly trying to have a life, and trying discovering your “new normal” in life! HA. Of the MANY things I’ve learned, prioritizing my time is near the top of that list. There are many gorgeous sessions I’m dying to share with you guys (and will soon). In the meantime, I can’t resist passing up a chance to capture more beautiful memories for my awesome clients AND spend as much time as possible with this little Chunka-Lova. She’s growing and changing so quickly, right in front of my eyes! Savvy Images - proud owner  - monthly photos

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