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Savvy Images Magazine Cover Photo Shoot 1Every once in a while I get (what I believe to be) brilliant photo project ideas… It could be for a new promotional marketing piece, an upcoming magazine cover or publication, to practice a new technique to better my work, OR just a fun idea that fuels my passion for photography! When I get these fantastic visions, they usually require a very specific subject to complete the vision for my perfect photo project. Since each of these hypothetical projects will be completed on Savvy Images’ terms, creative limits will be pushed, perfection is mandatory, and amazingness is expected. ;-) Just as I like to spoil all my awesome existing clients, these new photo project clients can also expect some extra special photo goodness for their contribution to the success of my project. There could even be additional perks for them above and beyond that?! After all, one of our past styled images ended up on the cover of Edible Austin Magazine, and was also displayed at every Whole Foods store across the US! The cute photos in this blog are from that same styled session.

The great news is that I have decided to create a VERY specific email list for these types of very specific photo project casting calls!!

IF you value beautiful photos and would like to be added to this email list, be sure to complete the contact form below. Savvy Images does not sell or give away any of your contact information, and definitely won’t pestered you with pointless boring emails. In fact, there will only be four AWESOME reasons you’ll ever hear from Savvy Images. (ONE) These occasional casting call emails (TWO) To let you know about great seasonal photography deals (THREE) To PREannounce upcoming mini sessions sign ups (FOUR) To offer exclusive discounts in the event that a last minute open mini session spot needs to be filled (I couldn’t possibly just let a perfectly good mini session spot go to waste). HOW cool is THAT?! If you are passionate about the possibility of having beautiful photos, this is an exclusive mailing list of pure Savvy Images amazingness! Seriously, the only way you’ll know about these great things, is if you are on THIS email list. I’m a HUGE believer of self improvement, seizing the moment to embrace our beautiful Alaskan surroundings, making sure my marketing materials are fresh, keeping my creative photo juices flowing, AND spreading the beautiful photo love!! SOOOOO…. with that being said:

I am currently looking for two subjects for upcoming photo projects.

Please contact me directly if you fit ether of the descriptions listed below, OR collect some good karma, by passing this email along to someone you know that fits the part and may be interested. ;-)

Savvy Images Magazine Cover Photo Shoot 3– You just had, or you are about to have a brand new baby boy. I’m looking for a perfect little dude that’s about one week old, for an upcoming magazine cover image.

– You are an expecting mother approaching her third trimester. You must have flexible evening availability, enjoy being photographed, and be comfortable showing your belly in an artistic and tasteful fashion. This project will be a gorgeous, styled personal photo project.

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